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Every page deserves to be unique

Page Headers are the Fenix way to solve a classic problem in an innovative way: to give your website’s pages and posts a unique appearance that makes them memorable.

A page header is composed by different elements, all of which are optional, which are:

  • Title
  • Text before the page title
  • Text after the page title
  • Call to action buttons
  • Media element

The content that goes before or after the page title/slogan are intended to be sub-headlines or provide additional information for the page/post: for example, since they can also fetch dynamic data, in the single post you can choose to automatically display post categories or the author name.

The media element can either be an image or a video, and they support different alignment properties, overlay controls and more.

Static header


External plugins

No page header

In some pages, you might want to use a static image on top, and other pages may deserve a slideshow, with movement controls and effects of the entrance of slides and text: in any case, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you use our built-in slideshow composer or use an external plugin, such as LayerSlider or Revolution Slider, you can design a pixel perfect page header that will blow your visitors away!

And if you want to bypass the page header completely, you can do that as well and build a beautiful page from the ground up using the Brix page builder.